In Love With Hip Hop – Single



I’m in love with Hip- Hop
She don’t love me
She won’t stop,
She take sssss all that I got
(but) I’m in love wi– Hip-Hop

Call me a Lez if you like cause I been in love with Hip Hop all my life
she don’t live me she trife
Use to be about us ghetto hopping in the hood
Now it’s all about her and she ain’t up to no good
She’s a name dropper pill popper, Gucci, Prada, Maybach, Benz
She don’t care about you she only care about ends
Friends, how many of us have them
She brought Jay and B together. Let’s call it Jim Beam
I’ll take that Scott on LaRoc cause that’s a he’ll of a team
Like Martin Luther King I have a dream and I’m a sing like Macy Gray
Hey, “Have I told you lately” Common use to Love Her
I place no one above her, she so CL Smooth made Pete Rock reminisce
Walk pass far side with a little twist, “she keeps on passing me by”


I’m in love with Hip hop soulmate or soul savior so what
I don’t think I can live without her yeah
She make me stress but don’t break a sweat
She cost me so much, I just pay the debt
And she cheated on me back stabbing billionaire
I put in work, I’m surprise I haven’t made it yet
I’m so in love that I’m blind and I can’t see
Got me doing things on the daily that just ain’t me
Out of character all she does is sleep around
You use to respect me now you just reject me now
You wasn’t bitching when I payed your rent
The way your attitude switch It just makes me sick
Now I wish you’d go away, Twenty notebooks later
there’s nothing else to say, there’s nothing else to say
I still love you but today will be the last day

Turn Tupac into Elvis put Biggie in a Box
Had Run DMC spitting over Rock
20-7 when I wrote the first rap, that’s 13 if you can’t handle that
It’s said remember what mom told when you was young
don’t let every boy shoot you with his gun because the next thing you know your belly’s hanging to the floor.They want your body, your body, body
Now I’m all grown up, I got a buzz and shaking my butt
Shake it, shake it, pop it, pop it
She had me Rock, rock to the Planet Rock and I can’t stop
In the Name of Love,
Hip Hop Rock, Hip Hop Pop, Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Hip Hop